The Story Of The Talking Mime

Take two steps closer, lean in and listen carefully and maybe I’ll tell you the story of the talking mime.

Can’t say it is more interesting than the tale of Harry the Hunchback clown or Carl the Momzer but that is because taste is something that is peculiar to individuals.

Nor can I tell you what really happened at the Rio bathroom that beat up Ryan Lochte or if Ryan Lochte beat up the bathroom.

What I do know is that my kids can tell a better and more coherent tale than he can and that they would never blow millions of dollars in endorsements after a night of drinking.

At least I hope they wouldn’t, I am doing my best to make sure they don’t anything that dumb but given they don’t have millions of dollars in endorsements their potential financial losses are smaller but that does provide substantial opportunity for growth.

The Story Of The Talking Mime

When I started writing this post I played around with telling you about the how we threw a mime off of the pier and into the ocean.

I played around with using the cold water as the reason why the mime chose to speak and thought about how I would flesh out the back story and share the events that led to the mime’s involuntary plunge.

Somewhere along the way I got sidetracked by a million other ideas and decided I would just follow the trail the words left us.

Maybe it is because I had a long conversation with my son about how life can take our plans and turn them upside down and inside out.

Or maybe it is because in the back of my mind I am thinking about the drive back to Texas and deciding what route I want to take.

This will be my third trip between Dallas and LA so while I am not an expert at it I am not a complete novice either.

Did it in three days the first time and two the second.


A while back the kids and I were talking about houses and how people determine how much one is worth and I mentioned how much empty space is really out there.

If you never leave the city you might not realize how much land is undeveloped and how easy it is to drive for miles across the lonely road.

It could be the middle of the day or the middle of the night and you could go for hours in some places and not see more than a couple of cars or at least that is how it feels to me.

That is part of why I tend to push hard across the desert.

There is beauty in the stark simplicity but there is also a sense of something waiting for me and though I am tempted I choose not to go looking for it.

Whatever it is can wait because I have far too much to do and not nearly enough time to do it all in.

So I’ll put some drinks in a cooler, grab some bars and beef jerky and I’ll put in ten hours or so behind the wheel.

Depending on how I feel and how it all goes it won’t take long before I get lost in the music and make my way into the next chapter of this particular journey.

Chronicles Of Life

Since it is just going to be me for a while I’ll try to make a point to take some more pictures and do what I can to memorialize the moments.

I’ll try to be present and help the kids see what dear old dad does.

Don’t know if they’ll appreciate it now but I suspect there will be a time when they’ll enjoy getting more insight into some of what I felt.

If nothing else I’ll have ample time to think and plenty of quiet to go along with it so there is a damn good chance I’ll know about the story of the talking mime.

And maybe if I find WiFi in the evening I’ll write a few chapters and post them here so you can share the fun.

Maybe you’ll agree he got what was coming to him or maybe you’ll feel differently and wonder why the poor schmuck never could catch a break.

Granted a guy who tried to rob a convenience store by pretending the sex toy in his pocket was a pistol isn’t the smartest of men.

He wasn’t a particularly good mime either, but the pocket change he earned was usually enough for box of smokes and a couple of beers.

Tick-Tocking The Day Away

Got a lot more that could be shared about that talking mime but I have got to get back to making arrangements for the move.

Can’t keep tick-tocking the day away so I’ll have to get back to you on this one.

JW has left the building.

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