Wasn’t Going To Post

I wasn’t going to post anything. Wasn’t going to write about giving a Shmata one hell of a ride again and if anything was going to promote the post from last night again but here I am.

You might ask why and I could feed you all night long…stories about this and that but I am exhausted from the day.

It is a good kind of exhaustion…mostly.

Worked my butt off from dawn until dark and then a little more this evening and had to force myself to step away from the computer.

When I am properly motivated to work on things I have a tremendous focus and energy that drives me especially when I can almost grab that brass ring.

This was further enhanced by the emails I received from others working from home that confirmed requests I made are going to come through.

So I am tired but feeling pretty damn good because I am this close and damn if I won’t explode with excitement if the final push yields the number I am hearing.

And yes, I know that is vague but there are boundaries in blogging which is kind of funny given my proclivity for pushing past, through, over, under and around.

Bent Over On All Fours

Took a quick walk around the neighborhood after dinner and found myself distracted by a strange looking dog.

It was off in the distance on the opposite side of the street of me and moving awkwardly. I wondered if it was hurt and as I got closer prepared to slowly cross the street and was surprised to discover it was a neighbor.

She was bent over on all fours and working in the garden, planting something or other. For a moment I thought about saying something and realized there is probably no good way to tell s0meone you know they looked like a dog from distance let alone a stranger so I stayed silent.

Walked by the Rav-4 and Chevy Malibu wondering who if the person who owned the Toyota owned that too and why it wasn’t parked in the garage.

Two doors down there was a minivan with car seats in it reminding me of a time when my cars had the same while making me realize how long ago that was.

It was a different world and a different life.

Kind of funny to think about as I remember people telling me how fast it all went and others saying they couldn’t imagine taking control of their own lives again until the kids were in college.

Who knew it would all go so quickly.

What Direction Will It Flow

Riding the wave now wondering what direction life will send me in. Got more than a few challenges but more than a little success too.

Lived enough to know that change in a heartbeat but also enough to know I can steer the ship even if I can’t control all that happens around me.

The time is coming for more changes, I feel it and I welcome it.

I am ready.

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