The Greatest Love Letter Ever Written By A Clown

When you are stuck inside the house you read all sorts of stuff including blog posts in which people write about the greatest love letter ever written by a clown.

Hell if I can remember where I came across this particular piece of prose, but I suppose if I had the inclination I could go back into my internet history and find it.

Dude wrote a girl and said if she ever kissed him again she would melt into him and never want to let go and then added something else about soul mates and their being the love of each others lives.

Brother Pablo and I raised a glass to this fellow and I said if this fellow wrote 10,000 letters he’d never be as good as I am when I want to be.

“My friend, that might be the most egotistical thing I have heard you say.”

“Maybe it is Brother Pablo, but if you can back it up is it ego or is truth?”

“Do you have proof of your ability?”

“I know without question there is at least one and maybe even two who would attest to my ability.”

Brother Pablo looks at me and asks if he knows either and I shrug my shoulders.

“You are either being a gentleman or intentionally messing with me.”

“Brother Pablo, some things I know without question. You don’t put your hands in some fires without knowing the flames have always burned red hot. You don’t mess around in some areas without knowing what air tastes sweetest and what foul.

One kiss is all it ever takes in more than just fantasy…or so someone told me.”

You Court Trouble

Brother Pablo says I court trouble and that dancing with the devil is unpredictable.

“Life is uncertain and unpredictable. I could trip on the stairs and break my neck or come down with Covid19 and discover that I am not as durable as I think I am.”

“Joshua, you of all people know that crazy shit can happen and in a moment your life can be turned upside down.”

I nod at Brother Pablo and tell him I notice he isn’t telling me to do otherwise.

“I could tell you to always follow your heart and do what you fear to do or tell you to use your head and you would accept both but…”

“But what?”

“You would still do what you want to do anyway.”

I laugh and tell him there is some truth to that.

“I try not to be reckless, but I also want to die knowing I really lived.”

The Ice Cream Girl

Got news today that suggests my daughter’s summer plans are going to be changed. It is not surprising given all that is going on but it wasn’t something anyone wanted to hear.

She didn’t say anything to me about the news and her disappointment but I could hear and see it. I kept quiet because she’ll come to me when she is ready to talk about it, but she must have said something to a friend.

Half way through dinner there was a knock on the front door. When we opened it we saw a package on the porch and heard a different teenage girl call from the street.

The bag had some ice cream and chocolate in it and a note.

I stayed inside while the girls yelled back and forth to each other and noticed the smile on my daughter’s face when she came back inside.

“Did the ice cream girl bring dad anything?”

“Does dad want to spend the night in the bathroom?”

“I am lactose intolerant, a scoop won’t kill me.”

“Probably not, but it will do something to you and that might kill us.”

I smile and laughed.

These moments are important and whatever happens or doesn’t happen this summer I know simple acts of kindness will go a long way.

It was a nice way to finish dinner and round out the day, even better than ridiculous posts about the greatest love letter ever written by a clown.

I just might go back and challenge that Bozo to a contest or I might not.

I am not in the perfect position to engage in such nonsense, but given social distancing I probably can’t take him on a pie fight or similar shenanigans so who knows.


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