The Places We’d Go

If I were a silly man writing Bubba June a letter I might make like Dr. Seuss and write about the places we’d go.

There are so many things to see and experience, so much to do and never enough time to do them all.

Been thinking about it more than ever for obvious reasons and wondering what choices to make, what directions to head in and which ways not to go.

Some have spoken to me about the graduations they won’t attend and a few have said I am lucky I don’t know what that is like.

I haven’t responded to them in the manner I might. Haven’t told them I understand and have lived some of it already because they don’t deserve that honesty from me.

There are people who I would share virtually everything with if they asked and might even if they don’t, but that doesn’t change my general approach.

Not everyone deserves to know what lies behind the curtain and not everyone wants to either.

The Long Dance

Was thinking again about how we dance with some people and how it can go for decades with some and not even a day or two with others.

Some people can sit with you in silence and you never grow tired of them or feel worn out and others exhaust you.

There is a magic formula but what it is made of I cannot say. I only know it exists.

More I could say, but not here and not now.


Been thinking about whether I want to write a much longer and more detailed post about this time and or whether I feel like digging into thoughts about what the world might look like post pandemic.

Some of it is very interesting to me and gives me a hankering to tear into history and do some research.

There are patterns and processes to talk about and ideas about what might or might not happen.

Thoughts about whether war is coming and or pestilence. Ideas about economic opportunities that could push things in a different direction and musings that many won’t give a damn about.

But there are those who do and I suspect even my number one fan would like to know. Might even be interested in the big trip, but who knows if they would admit to it.

That is part of the joy 0f the journey, the uncertain certainty of it all.

What I know now is I will withhold a few thoughts and ideas because I am being pulled from the computer for a bit and by the time I can return there won’t be an extended period to write in.

So instead I’ll say again I have my ideas and things I know and for this moment, that is enough.

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