Long Rocky Beaches Meet Tornadoes

The good people at Merriam-Webster offer information on the plural of tornadoes which is nice but y0u won’t find information about how long rocky beaches meet the swirling dervish of air.

You won’t find reason or much information to determine why I used that headline nor will I volunteer much because it is far more interesting to barry the reasons until our eyes meet again.

What I can tell you is when your teenage daughter calls you to say the tornado sirens are going off and makes it clear she would prefer if you were close you make like Speed Racer in the Mach V and fly through far parts of Dallas to the tollway so that you can get home.

Midway through your travels your teenage son suggests you reconsider driving into the storm because he doesn’t want you to get into a bad accident on the road.

You tell him not to worry because you aren’t and that is true for most of the ride. It is only when you exit the freeway and feel your car start shaking all over because of the wind that you wonder if you have bitten off more than you ought to chew.

But like every good Taurus and you plant your feet and tell Mother Nature not to fuck with you because you are coming through.

Of course you say it with a mix of bravado and humility because if she chooses to give you her full attention it could get dicey.

Make Like A Pirate

Somewhere in a box or a drawer there is a Jolly Roger that I could have used today because I could have attached it to the car and played make like a pirate.

Had it been there I would have attached it and sailed home because I am not just dad, I am a Pirate and when you hear my cannons roar you ought to be smart and move.

Unless you are my 32nd favorite serving wench and then you can offer to build a coven tree with me and I’ll consider whether to bury my pirate treasure there.


And as a PSA to men around town, remember you may find a woman who doesn’t mind being referred to as your serving wench but be cautious about naming her as 33rd or below cuz they can get kind of ornery.

Get em aggravated enough and they might slice you with the Cutlass or run you over, but I digress.


Been one hell of a day, this tornado watch and severe t-storm experience.

By the time I got home I was exhausted and feeling like I had been asked to carry 69 people up Everest and then down again.

Did more writing all over, but almost deleted it all because I didn’t like the quality.

Spent more time on the treadmill reviewing the day and considering all that has happened and did my best to adopt an optimistic stance.

Got a bunch of serious challenges that have been ongoing and for a moment it felt like they were winning and then I realized I am one win away from making most of them disappear…at least for a while.

So that is the focal point, one win, one day at a time.

The old storm walker made it through another day and managed not to let the flying monkeys win the war.

Time to relax and prepare to go battle again…maybe we’ll put out better content tomorrow or maybe we’ll have better stories to share.

Time will tell.

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