Humility Meets Self Promotion

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Most bloggers share a desire to build their platforms and increase the number of people they reach. Even those of us who write because we love to do it have an interest in trying to figure out ways to turn one reader into ten with dreams of exponential growth beyond that.

That shared interest is part of why there are so many posts about how to increase the number of subscribers/pageviews/readers our blogs reach. Fact is that for many of us the most highly trafficked/commented posts are those where we offer advice/guidance for how to build our blogs.

Most of us ultimately reach a place where we recognize we have to learn the art of self-promotion or our blogs simply won’t grow any bigger.

Humility Meets Self Promotion

The intersection humility and self promotion is an interesting place because it is impacted by our personal comfort levels and our sense of how close we are to meeting whatever objective we might have in mind.

It is on my mind today because I was fortunate enough to be featured at Spin Sucks at: #FollowFriday: Josh Wilner.

I am appreciative, grateful and honored that Gini and crew put my face up there today and that so many new people have signed up to follow the blog and or follow me on other platforms.

But to be honest I sort of initially wasn’t sure how I wanted to respond. Part of me didn’t want to bring more attention to it because I don’t want to be seen as the guy who is always tooting his own horn.

Yet if you don’t act as your own advocate you risk missing out on opportunities because most of us don’t have people to do that for us. Some of it is probably tied into why it is challenging to write your own professional bio.

Thank You and Welcome

So my compromise here is to say thank you for the honor and welcome to the new folks who have joined us. I hope you will participate in the community and share your thoughts, comments and ideas.

The blogosphere and social media in general have been very good to me. I have made many friends, gotten a number of freelance gigs and full time work via this wacky world.

You can’t ask for much more and I am grateful for it.

See you in the comments and around town.

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