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Dear Little Sisters,

You probably never expected to be granted a place of honor on the blog but as I was going through pictures today I was thinking about our grandparents and decided to share a few thoughts with you.

As you can see grandpa was right, I am the best looking and most handsome brother you have. I am also the most humble and clearly still the youngest looking, that is in spite of the dirty trick out parents played on me.

Yes, it is true, for more than 40 years I have had to contend with at least one little sister tagging along. You have no idea what that is like, hell it is amazing to me that I have as much hair on my head as I do, especially given the fine head genetics grandpa passed along.

Fortunately I know that my nephews will one day share in the benefits that were bestowed upon said menfolk. Sorry boys, it is just how it is but you know Uncle Josh paved the way.

Middle Sister

Yeah, I could use your name here but I am just not.  I don’t want to make you nervous, but everything changes at your advanced age. I know this from experience and as I instructed you during our school days allow me to continue doing so now.

I expect that you will listen as well as you did back then. However since you are closest in age and had the benefit of spending the most time with me I’ll trust that some of my knowledge rubbed off on you.

Have I told you that your kids have asked me to tell more stories about you? My niece seems to be the most skeptical about the veracity of these tales, but I am working on her.

Youngest Sisters

Remember anything middle sister says that contradicts me is automatically wrong and part of her ongoing plot to try and get me into trouble. Don’t think for a moment that I have forgotten about you all teamed up against me. One day mom and dad will acknowledge that I was the perfect child and that those stories you told about my misdeeds came from your very active imaginations.

Big brothers never do anything wrong, especially when it comes to little sisters. Our job is to be the shepherd of the family, you can think of us as being like Lassie.

Happy Birthday to You All

I don’t suppose I’ll get away with wishing you a happy birthday on the blog and leaving it at that. But if you think about how many times you have ever received a card from me you’ll know that I am not a card giving type of guy.

Hell, we weren’t really a card giving kind of family. But you’ll feel better knowing that I have many fond memories of our childhood and have shared some of the better stories like the time the three of you threw up on each other in the car.

People love that one and so do I, mainly because I stayed dry and clean.

You do know that our ‘rents will read this post and smile and if for some reason they aren’t smiling I highly encourage a nap and time looking at the picture above.

And if that doesn’t make you smile well then I’ll share more family dirt and remind you that I was dropped on my head twice by you and ask why you couldn’t have given me at least one little brother.

Was that so much to ask for. 😉

Got to run off to Costco now and wander the aisles. Thanks dad, it is just one of your many habits I picked up on. 😉

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