25 Things You Can Do To Become A Better Writer

English: I took this picture myself.

This is a short post that is based almost entirely on Chuck Wendig’s 25 WAYS TO BE A HAPPY WRITER (OR, AT LEAST, HAPPIER).

I’d like to tell you I visit his home on a regular basis and that we exchange holiday cards but anyone who knows me can tell you I am not a greeting card kind of guy. Hell, if you get one from me it is probably because someone else bought it or because I magically found myself standing in the card aisle and simultaneously remembered your birthday/anniversary whatever.

Don’t mistake that to me that I don’t love you because you know I do but it is not enough to do the card thing…most of the time.

Anyhoo, I like Chuck because he is irreverent, insouciant and twisted, not to mention he is a solid writer. Did I mention that I think his advice is usually spot on and awesome.

Did I mention that I have played around with trying to become a greeting card writer? No? Well I have, but for now I am perfectly happy with what I have so I am making a note to try to record all of the truly good material I come up with, pithy, snarky, sarcastic and profound.

That is assuming that I actually come up with something during daylight hours when I am awake and not in the shower.  Love a good shower, but hate the way so many good ideas are developed there and forgotten later.

What About Chuck’s Post?

I haven’t forgotten about it. Hell, if you are a writer or a wannabe I think you should go visit and read that post, just remember to come back here. I would hate to have to send over an invoice asking him to kick in a couple of bucks for the 33 and a 1/3 readers that made the long trek from here to there.

This is the time where I am supposed to tell you which section of his post resonated the most with me, but I am not sure if there is just one thing to pick out. Damn you Chuck, you are making me look indecisive.

But assuming that I decided to pick out a section or two I would probably grab the love what you do, allow yourself to suck and just write. Those are critical and will make a substantial difference.

If there is one thing I have learned it is that most writers are more critical of their work than they should be. Although it is also worth noting that some of us should be more critical of our work than we are but we’ll ignore that for now.

The other thing to mention is that if you don’t love to write you probably won’t last. It is among the most rewarding things you can do, but it can be brutal too.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

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