Almost Trapped In Cleveland

Saturday night at the computer, drink in hand, some music accompanying me at the keyboard and the realization that my staycation is almost over.

Managed to mostly avoid work, but not entirely which doesn’t explain why I took two or three calls and responded to multiple emails.

Nor does it tell you about the time walking around at the coven tree, the trip to Bialy’s and Geracis or the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame that almost happened but not quite.

Cuz there was conversation a while back with a customer who wanted me to head out to Ohio to help attend to some business.

Had a conversation with them the other day that reminded me of how if I had gone I could have almost been trapped there because of the pandemic.

Well, not really trapped any more than I would have been if I had taken the trip to LA that I booked and still get notices from the airline about.

Would have been quarantining in a room by myself which occasionally sounds kind of exciting because if you get enough family time you sort of like the idea of a quiet place.

One Way Or Another

Talked to two out of three little sisters during the past two days and both managed to make me shake my head though I said nothing.

Wasn’t worth spelling out concerns about them handling things differently than I would because I won’t wear a sweater if someone else is cold nor ask them to do it for me.

But I might think it.

Whatever or whomever was chasing me in a dream caught up with me and we went to war. Can’t tell you what, why or who but I can say I expected to see cuts and bruises all over.

The good news is I saw none but I still feel like someone took a bat to my body so I wonder if perhaps I was thrashing around in my sleep.

In other non-essential news Market Street gave me a reward for a fancy cheese so I used it on this Finnish one whose name I can’t remember but that garlic twist it contained was nice.


Took a look at some numbers and thought about some future goals and decided one way or another they will all be crossed off of the list.

All will receive the check mark that denotes completed and that will be good.

Suppose you can say it is part of why I walked through a downpour instead of texting the house and asking for a ride.

Wouldn’t want to make anyone stop their very important business anymore than I was going to let some rain stop me from getting some reps in.

It is sometimes frustrating to see how much harder I have to work to get my body to respond now than it once was.

Told my son and my oldest nephew that if they had a clue how easy it is they would do more but neither gets it.

Can’t blame them because you can’t screw an old head on young shoulders and I didn’t believe this would ever happen to me.

Hell, parts of me don’t want to work and I know the only reason they do is I glare, grumble and threaten them with the kind of punishment they’ll never forget.

No really sure I want to take the punishment I’ll have to give out to make them remember, but maybe.

Hard to say, decided to run through some of the rain and hit an oil spot that sent me flying into a brick wall.

Pleased to say both the wall and I kept standing, but we’ll see what the morning feels like. If you see me on YouTube remember I may not be graceful but this proves I can still take a pounding so be careful. 😉

Just Getting Started

One of the boys asked what the plan is since we’re approaching the final quarter of life and I shook my head.

“Just getting started my friend, we’re just getting started.”

“But what if we aren’t. What if this really is the last quarter?”

“What if it is. It just means we pivot and adapt which is a virtual guarantee anyway.”

He told me he didn’t understand and I said that is the privilege of never having to deal with real change or adversity.

“It is a gift and there is nothing wrong with it. I am in a club you don’t know about yet. I have lost one parent. It changes you.

I have had a few experiences that you haven’t had and you know that I have been taking a beating.

More stuff  is coming and I’ll manage it as I do everything else. There are no other options. Not crying or complaining about it, it is life.”

I didn’t respond to his comments about potentially understanding better than I think because he doesn’t and if I am wrong, well that is ok.

There is no need to prove anything here to anyone other than myself.

As far as I am concerned, I am just getting started.

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