Walking After Midnight

The plan was to take this and expand upon it but the plan had to be changed.

Change is a part of life and if I didn’t learn that between 2006-2016 I certainly did in 2018.  Those of you who are regular readers understand much of the how and why of that.

Those who aren’t, well let’s sum it up by saying losing your father to a terminal illness in less than a year has a significant impact upon you.

At the moment there is a bit of a storm going on inside my head and in spite of having put in two miles on the treadmill and time tossing iron around I feel a distinct lack of clarity.

So I am going to put on a jacket and go for a walk. Going to see if putting on another mile helps me suss out and determine the source of this crazy feeling.

Maybe that walk will clear the fog and make it easier to confirm the ship isn’t sailing into the rocks.

Walking After Midnight

A conversation about universities and where is safe is on my mind. I haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about it for a host of reasons, but the few moments I have put in has made me realize/remember a few things.

As a man I automatically approach the world in a different way from a woman. I pay attention to my surroundings but I rarely worry about walking through parking lots or strange spaces.

That is not because I believe I am invincible because I am certainly not but I am not a little man and I do know how to handle myself.

I don’t worry about my drinks being spiked or pay much mind to strange men following me. Upon the odd occasion where I felt uncomfortable I found making eye contact to be an effective deterrent.

Or at least I thought it worked, maybe there was nothing to it and in a strange coincidence they went a separate way because it was always the plan.

But I also know that when it comes to talking about these universities I also feel different because I know the places and spaces.

I have access to a million resources and know exactly where to go and what to do if something happened.

But everything changes when we talk about our kids and so I have to think about that for a bit and ask myself if I am being foolish.

Am I thinking about places and spaces as I once knew them or as they are now?

And even if I am focused on the present, do I have enough information to make an informed decision about how they are now.

I am not sure, so I think I’l grab my jacket, ear buds and go out the door.

It is not quite midnight and I don’t know if it will be when I finish or not.

There are a lot of things I don’t know right now, but I do know a few and what little I know I shall act upon.

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